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Archive for May, 2009

Successful Property Sales in Strandhill!

During these days of doom and gloom, and the constant negative reports in the media of the property market, sellers in Strandhill and surrouding areas eventually have something to smile about. Over the past few weeks DNG Flanagan Ford have sale agreed three properties in Strandhill Village and another property in Aylesbury Park on the Strandhill Road. “We are lucky to have such good quality homes on our books at present, and as is the case with any type of selling, good quality products coupled with an excellent sales team will always produce the best results. Another important factor is the correct pricing of houses in line with the current market” commented Marie McDonald of DNG Flanagan Ford.

She continued “The properties which we have recently sale agreed in these areas were 4 bedroom detached and semi detached houses, three of which were owner occupied and one was an investment property. All houses were in excellent condition throughout, allowing viewers an opportunity to get a good feel for the properties while viewing them. As a result of these recent sales we now require more properties of this nature in the Strandhill and Strandhill Road areas, we have dissapointed under-bidders on our database with whom we can make immediate contact.”

DNG Flanagan Ford would love the opportunity to discuss their selling and marketing process with potential sellers and can be contacted in their new offices at Shell House, Wine Street, Sligo; telephone 071 9159222 or contact negotiators directly on 087 2721367 – Marie McDonald; 087 2461062 – Shane Flanagan.

Prospective homeowners advised to buy soon

Prospective homeowners hoping for further price drops before entering the property market in Sligo have been warned not to wait too long.

Since the collapse of the property market, house prices in many areas of Sligo have fallen by 30 to 40%. With interest rates at an all time low, it’s unsurprising that local estate agents have reported an upsurge in business in recent months.

Shane Flanagan, of DNG Flanagan Ford, noted that post-Celtic Tiger house buyers are extremely cautious. “The difficulty is giving people confidence that they are getting good value. A lot of people are very wary of the market & unless they feel that they’re getting good value then they’re not moving, but we’re getting a very good response.”

For those young couples waiting until the market bottoms out before buying their dream home, Mr Flanagan has a word of warning. “It’s impossible to know. We’ll only know when the market has bottomed out when the market starts to rise again. The people who are waiting for it to bottom out are unlikely to get it when it bottoms out. It will have already started to rise again.”

For those lucky enough to have secured mortgage approval in these difficult times, Mr Flanagan, who has decades of experience in the local property market, advises that now could be the perfect time to buy. “We did a little exercise recently where we took a house that was priced at €320,000 two years ago. The exact same house is €200,000 today. A 92% mortgage on that house two years ago was over €1,500 per month. The exact same 92% on €200,000 is less than €600 per month today. That’s not only due to a reduced price, but the fall in interest rates. There have been massive cuts in interest rates. That’s why people are moving on property, when the prices are perceived to be good they are prepared to invest.”

Successful Property Lettings

Since launching their residential rentals division in January of this year, DNG Flanagan Ford have been overwhelmed by the level of success recorded in such a short space of time. Tess Monaghan is heading up this division and to date has secured tenants for the majority of properties on her books. Landlords are obviously delighted with this success rate and high standard of service provided.

“In an ever changing property market we had to think on our feet as how best to enhance our already successful property business due to the slow-down in residential property sales”, commented Tess Monaghan. She continued “This up turn in peoples preference to rent has been caused by the increased difficulties in obtaining mortgages and also due to the fact that renters can now live in a large, luxurious property for a fraction of what the cost if they would have to pay if were paying a mortgage for the house. Gone are the days of grotty bed-sits and coin-operated electricity meters; renters can now enjoy comfortable living without the committment of large mortgages over a very long period of time. This along with the coming into force over the next few months of new standards will only serve to continue the improvement in the quality of existing rental accommodation.”

“I am delighted with the number of properties which I have sourced tenants for to date and I am sure that I will continue to be successful in this area. However, I now require residential properties in all areas of Sligo to service our expanding database of prospective tenants who are actively sourcing rental properties. I can assure landlords of a service which is second to none, along with rates which are very competitive. Landlords who are interested in discussing the services which I provide can contact me at any stage on 086 3999062, 071 9159222 or tess@dngflanaganford.ie.”

Commercial Property – First Letting Following Redevelopment – 6 Months Rent Free!

Located seconds from O’Connell Street, Sligo, this 3 storey commercial property would provide an excellent stand for a variety of businesses, existing or new. 12 Market Street was purchased by its present owner approx 4 years ago & has been redeveloped from a residential property to a commercial property. All modern features which you would expect from such a redevelopment are included such as hollow-core flooring, 3 phase eletricity, ect. The ground & first floor have retail/commercial designation, while the top floor is for use as storage. There is also a small yard to the rear of the property, along with an impressive out-door terrace off the first floor.

Market Street, as its name suggests, has traditionally been a hub of retail activity in Sligo & this is true today also. There are many high profile retails positioned on this street including David Martin Hair Dressers, Argento Jewellers, Taheny Electrical, Paddy Power Bookmakers & Michael Kennedy Ceramics. Aswell as being a busy retail location, it is also an area which proves very successful for office based companies. Such companies operating in premises close by include TN Lynch & Co Engineers, David Gallagher Solicitor, Allianz Insurance, etc.

12 Market Street is available immediately & DNG Flanagan Ford are inviting interested parties to contact their office to discuss this opportunity further & to arrange viewings.

Its good to Talk to us!!

We have just been able to save a business client of our €17,000 in annual premiums for a life assurance policy that our client had through his bank.

The client whom for confidential purposes cannot be named was delighted with the out come of his most recent review with us. The main purpose of this client’s review was to look at his pension so see how it was preforming in light of the turmoil in global financial markets as a result of the credit crisis. The client disclosed to us that he had a life policy through his bank. We were able to save him €2100 this year and a further €1140 each year for the next 13 years. We were also able to open a savings account for the client and double the interest that he was earning through his bank.

The client was astonished with the level of savings that was made. He was always told that his bank was looking after him, now he wonders.