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Latest Edition of DNG Express Now Available at DNG Flanagan Ford

DNG Express is an all encompassing property paper with properties listed from across the length & breadth of the country. Douglas Newman Good has a very strong presence nationwide with branches in all major towns & cities, along with 17 branches in Dublin. DNG Flanagan Ford have 2 pages of properties & sites listed in this paper ranging in prices from €50,000 & upwards. Even if you are not sourcing a property in Sligo, you will find information on available properties throughout the country & contact details for excellent property sales teams in each area.

Keith Lowe, CEO of DNG, used an excerpt from an article which recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal as the opening message for the latest edition of DNG Express. The article was entitled “10 Reasons to Buy a home” & was in response to specific negative media sentiment in Time Magazine. The property market in many parts of the USA has been hit severely & in some cases harder than Ireland. The 10 reasons given in the Wall Street Journal article apply to this country also & the following is Keiths take on the reasons why:

You can get a good deal – Property prices have virtually halved in Ireland. Similar to America there may still be a little further to go but you’ll never catch at the bottom & according to the WSJ “it doesn’t really matter so much in the long haul”, a comment I would echo.

Mortgages are cheap – At the date of this article a first time buyer can obtain a mortgage through Irish Nationwide Building Society at 3.7% fixed for three years or at a variable rate of 2.9% through the Home Choice Loan. It was not that long ago when mortgage rates were twice the current price.

You’ll save taxes – Similar to the USA, first time buyers buying their home can qualify for attractive mortgage interest relief on their mortgage repayments and there is no capital gains tax when they sell in the future.

It’ll be yours – You can have the kitchen & bathrooms you want – You can move the walls or tear up the garden! You cannot do this if you are renting!

You’ll get a better home – Buyers are in a very strong negotiating position & with much lower prices, purchasers can buy a home that they would not have been able to afford in the past & in their chosen location.

It offers some protection against inflation – Over the long term property prices have always beaten inflation especially if you are young & looking at staying in your home for 20 or 30 years.

It’s risk capital – Your home is not stocks & shares but the economy will surprise you & start growing at some time in the future. Sooner or later property prices will rise again too & I bet it will be quicker than you think!

It’s forced savings – By paying a mortgage, which in many cases is higher than your rental cost, you are essentially saving for your future. The part of your mortgage payment that goes against principal is not a cost as you are building equity in your home.

There is a lot to choose from – It differs depending on the locality in Ireland, but there is quite a lot of good property to choose from at the moment. This will change when the market improves, but at the moment this means great choice at great prices!

Call to DNG Flanagan Fords office at Shell House, Wine Street to pick up your copy of DNG Express today. All of our properties are also listed on our website at www.dngflanaganford.ie

Current State of Sligo’s Property Market

There is lots of media attention being given to the turbulent times being experienced in the property market at national level & to try to give an overview of where the market is at locally we have recently spoken to Shane Flanagan of DNG Flanagan Ford to find out what they are experiencing in the current market.

“The Sligo market has suffered the same percentage falls as experienced in most other provisional towns around the Country. From our research the average price fall in the market place is between 35% & 40%. However there are cases which this is both lower & greater. 2010 has seen a great improvement in the volume of sales which we have managed to achieve over our 2009 figures.

In 2009 a large percentage of booking deposits paid were ultimately refunded as the property market continued to fall at quite a fast pace. With buyers seeing the market fall at slower pace we are experiencing far greater percentage of sale completions over the first 9 months of this year. Vendors have helped us in this regard. Most people we talk to at the moment who are considering selling are prepared to put the property up for sale at realistic values. They are no longer looking for 2006 prices and this has lead to a strong increase in the number of viewings we are getting. We anticipate the market will start to level very shortly with a sense of normality returning. And not a day too soon!!!” said Shane Flanagan.

This trend seems to be the same as experienced by many other agents in the area who all collectively seem to be reporting an increase in the level of viewings, especially for properties which have recently been placed on the market.

According to Shane Flanagan of DNG Flanagan Ford some properties that they have placed on the market recently have sold in the first 2 weeks after being placed on the market

“We recently placed a property on the market in Heatherview, which we sold within the first 10 days of it going on to the property market.

We have numerous other experiences of properties going to the market with realistic asking prices at todays date where viewing numbers are at levels not seen for almost 4 years in the Sligo area. We are currently under offer on 5 different properties & deals are being done very regularly, but more importantly these deals are actually being completed by the willing buyers ” .

To get the most up to date list of all the properties available on their books with prices etc visit their website at www.dngflanaganford.ie & they would be delighted to arrange an inspection for you of any of the properties that may suit your needs.

Meet Sligo’s Rose!!


You may not be aware of this but Sinead McGill who works with us here is representing Sligo in this year’s Rose of Tralee festival.

Sinead joined Flanagan Ford Financial Ltd in September 2006 and has recently become a qualified financial advisor, having already obtained a Bachelor Degree in Business Studies from Sligo Institute of Technology.

She is actively involved in their local GAA club; Eastern Harps, where Sinead plays on the Ladies team and is also the public relations officer for the club. The 25-year-old enjoys singing and acting and has been involved with the Gurteen Drama Society and has helped to raise money for local charities by taking part in numerous ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ fundraisers. Sinead has a keen interest in keeping fit and socializing.

Representing Sligo as the 2009 Sligo Rose of Tralee, Sinead will be the first ever Sligo Rose on stage in Tralee having progressed through the regional Finals in Portlaoise on the June bank holiday weekend where she was put through her paces in individual and group judging! Sinead was a hit on stage with Ray Darcy and the audience.

The festival itself runs from Friday 21st August to Wednesday 26th. Check out RTE on Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26thto see Sinead on stage with Ray and hopefully this time Sligo (with the aid of Sinead) with leave Tralee victorious!! Why not go to the dome on the nights in question if you are holidaying in Tralee at that time. Click here to order tickets http://www.roseoftralee.ie/catalog/index.php/cPath/152 .