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We at Flanagan Ford Financial are here to help you choose the most suitable mortgage to meet your needs. Our slogan is “Mortgages made easier” and this is our ultimate aim, to make the daunting mortgage process as easy as possible.

We specialise in helping “first time buyers”, “investors”, “debt consolidation” “equity release”. Our experience in helping clients achieve their goals in all these areas has ensured that our customers can concentrate on their ultimate goal, be it buying their first home or releasing equity to renovate their property.

First Time buyers

Buying your first home can be a very daunting experience but we at Flanagan Ford Financial can help you every step of the way.

  1. As independent mortgage brokers we will research the market through the agencies that we hold and find the most suitable product for you based on your income.
  2. We will discuss the rates on offer from the various lending institutes.
  3. We will complete the application form for you and will let you know the list of items that will be required for the lender to acquire loan approval.
  4. We will then process the application form and supporting documentation for approval.
  5. We will contact you and advise you on the maximum loan amount that we can obtain for you and the best available rate.
  6. We will arrange for the loan offer to be forwarded to you and your solicitor.
  7. We will help you ?? your mortgage protection and building and contents home insurance policy.
  8. We will request valuation of your property you will have to bear the cost of this report.
  9. We will keep touch with you until your loan cheque is at your solicitor.

You are now ready to collect your keys from your solicitor.

Equity Release

With the rise in property prices over the past ten years, many people now find that their most valuable asset is their family home or other property that they own. The challenge is how best to convert some of this locked in value or equity into cash.

Whether our clients are based in Sligo, the North West or nationwide we have been advising them on releasing equity from their properties

Examples of why clients may wish to release equity would be.

  • Renovate your properties
  • Carry out an extension or conservatory
  • Collage fees
  • Buy a second home or holiday home

Home loan rates are the cheapest way to borrow money and this is the attraction in releasing equity in your property. Repayments can be scheduled over various terms, for example you can finance an extension to your home over 20 years while financing collage fees over 5 years while financing collage fee over 5 years.

Simply contact us to examine your options and we will provide you with the information you need.

Investors /Buy to let

With the ever increasing difficulty in accessing finance and the variances in the cost of credit, there has never been a better time to use an independent broker to shop around for your mortgage. We at Flanagan Ford Financial advisors have successfully been advising clients on financing investment properties for the past ten years.

Whether the property is located in Sligo the northwest or around the country, we can provide you with the expertise to ensure that you have the most suitable mortgage to meet your individual requirements.

Typically our advice would cover the following areas.

  • Comparison of investor mortgage available through our agencies.
  • % finance available from each lender.
  • Rates comparison from each lender.
  • Advises on possible equity release for your lender.
  • Tax advantages of mortgages interest payments.
  • Interest only or capital or interest payments options.

If you would like a consultation or question, please hesitate to contact us here at 071-9159222

Debt Consolidation

We have a large number of clients that have availed of our debt consolidation services. This can be done by calling into our offices in Sligo or initially over the phone.

If you have a number of higher interest debts, it is worth examining them to investigate whether in makes sense to consolidate them into one loan.

Typically the new loan will be at a lower interest rate. However if the new loan is taken out over a longer term than the current loan, you may pay a higher overall amount of interest over the term of the loan.

We will undertake a full comparison on your behalf to show you in simple to understand terms the cost implications of consolidating your loan.

Please contact us here in our offices in Sligo the capital of the North West of Ireland for further details.


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