The Auction Day

1. Bring with you:

  • Bank draft payable to DNG Flanagan Ford for 10% of the guide price/reserve price of the property which you are interested in purchasing. Note: Cash, credit, debit cards, personal cheques will not be accepted.
  • Identification – Photo ID – Driving Licence/Passport
  • Address ID – Utility Bill/Bank Statement
  • Solicitors details – who will be acting for you in the purchase of the property/ies

2. Order of Sale : This is the complete list of lots which will be offered for sale & also the order in which they will be offered. You should check this list to ensure the lot you are interested in has not been withdrawn or previously sold.

3. Addendum : It may be necessary to make changes to lot information previously provided in brochures etc. Before you bid you should check the printed addendum for any changes that may have occurred as these will form part of the Contract for Sale.

4. Commencing the Auction: The auctioneer will start the auction at the time stated in the advertisements, please ensure you arrive early to the auction room to ensure you are in time to bid on your desired lot. The auctioneer will make a number of announcements regarding the auction procedure, changes to lots, withdrawn lots etc.

5. Bidding :

  • The current property being offered for sale will be displayed on the screen. The auctioneer will refer to any changes to the lot which is being offered for sale.
  • Bids will be invited at a particular level, you can raise your hand/brochure to make this bid.
  • Please make your bids clear & ensure you have the auctioneers attention.
  • Questions will not be taken from the floor once the auction is in progress. If you do have last minute questions please speak to a member of DNG Flanagan Ford staff. If in doubt regarding any aspect of the lot do not bid.
  • The auctioneer will take all bids & the gavel will fall once the highest bid is achieved. The gavel will not fall until the auctioneer warns bidders by saying ‘going once, going twice, going three times…SOLD’. If you are the highest bidder at this stage you have now bought the lot, assuming that the reserve price has been met or exceeded.

6. On the fall of the Gavel: Once the gavel falls, if you are the highest bidder, you have bought the lot & a legal binding contract has been formed, assuming that the reserve price has been met or exceeded.

PSL Number: 003530